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The sun comes up, and shines on our place about the same time it lights up Lake Superior -just 15 miles north of us.

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"Lindahl Jefe"

 Ranger's foals...


Registered Name:  Lindahl Jefe     
Brownstone Shadowdancer / Brownstone Lindahl Legacy

Height: 15.1        Color: Palomino ee/Aa/N - Cr    

" Ranger is that horse that dreams are made of! The feeling of riding him is like riding energy. He is smooth, collected, powerful, light, responsive, sensitive, athletic and courageous! He is content to stop and stand still as long as you want without moving off before he is asked to. He stands still and calm with all the crazy things I do with him. And is content to head out and trot all day if I ask him to. We go running together several times a week and he lightly trots along with his ears pricked with curiosity, he does not race ahead or make me drag him along, a true companion in all our adventures together! Everything I can imagine that a horse should be! "      ~ Isac Dymesich
   He is registered Morgan with lines that include well known names like Beamington, Immortal Command, Upwey Ben Don, Corisor of  Upwey, Waseekas in Command, UVM Trophy ,and some Lippitt. He is out of a black stallion and a buckskin dam, and carries the cream dilute gene.

   Here at our ranch we both offer his foals for purchase and make him available for your mares by live cover. 
Ranger has shown phenomenal promise under saddle already and we are enjoying continuing his training as he matures.
   Stud fee ~ 500. guaranteed live foal

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  1. SRR Major Cadence ~ 2017 colt
    SRR Major Cadence ~ 2017 colt
    Amberfields Elegant Ash / Lindahl Jefe
  2. SRR Star of Success ~2017 filly
    SRR Star of Success ~2017 filly
    Successful Black Magic / Lindahl Jefe
  3. SRR Bella
    SRR Bella
    Pacho Rosebud / Lindahl Jefe
  4. SRR Dixie Sunrise
    SRR Dixie Sunrise
    Shady Lady / Lindahl Jefe