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The sun comes up, and shines on our place about the same time it lights up Lake Superior -just 15 miles north of us.

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~  Born at Sunrise Ranch  ~
"SRR Major Cadence" 
This colt was born strong and tall with remarkable Morgan type. Head erect and independent and curious from the start, we believe Major will be a true typification of Morgan personality! He was born a buckskin, but of course his color is developing and we will color test him for his papers. Major impresses us with his speed in the pasture and his mother’s steady nature is sure to be passed on! 
Pedigree:   Amberfields Elegant Ash / Lindahl Jefe   
DOB 4/28/17    $2,750

  “SRR Dixie Sunrise”

This filly is a favorite of mine this year…which should be of no surprise as she is out of my own personal endurance mare Shady. Shady has shown a level of intelligence and athleticism that I have yet to experience in another horse! Already Dixie has joined her dam and I on long back woods camping, days playing on a beach crashing with whitecaps, and group rides over new terrain. She has taken it all with the same serious open mindedness that her mother has always had. Dixie will not be registered, but her own remarkable conformation along with her parents reputation under saddle promise her a life full of potential as an athlete! She is available for purchase upon weaning, but I will happily retain her and train her myself. Shady my not be bred again as I intend to return her to competitive endurance.

Shady (Rocky Mountain) / Lindahl Jefe       DOB  3/28/17      $3,000

Must see YouTube video!
"SRR Nava Faline"
Must see YouTube video!
Stunning Buttermilk Buckskin Friesian CrossStunning Buttermilk Buckskin Friesian Cross
Unusual frosted buttermilk buckskin Paso Fino and Friesian cross. Stunning markings on a splendidly correct conformation! Spirited and showy floating action with a friendly affectionate personality. This filly has potential to be gaited as her dam, though she trots at will. 

Faline's dam (pictured center above) is a well loved saddle Paso who is strongly gaited and delightfully energetic on the trails. Forward, confident, surefooted, and sensitive; Fantasia has proven herself even in competitive Endurence riding with Arabs. 
Coby, Faline's sire, is a magnificent well mannered Friesian of notable breeding. He has proven himself under saddle, in harness, and as a solid sire that passes on his impressive stature and accommodating demeanor.
This filly is registered with the Friesian Heritage Horse International Registry and is DNA confirmed. 
Don't miss your opportunity to get a Friesian of such rare coloring!  $6,000   DOB  6/26/2016       Fantasia (Paso Fino) / Coby (Friesian)
"SRR Lady Nanning"
                                                     Muscular Confident Friendly Friesian / Azteca cross filly

    This filly had a look-at-me air about her! She displays the robust build of her mother and the upright carriage and stride of "Coby" her magnificent Friesian sire! She is very well imprinted by her loving "human family" and handled daily by us and lots of visitors. She leads and ties very well. 
  Her dam is known for passing on her confident kind nature and muscular build. Her sire both rides and drives and is a handsome gentlemen in every way. These two have given us fine foals before that have developed exceptionally! 
  Lady was born June 4th 2016 and is expected to finish 15.2 hands and a very dark sooty bay like her dam.
She is registered through Friesian Heritage Association and verified by DNA testing.    $4,500